Blockchain Trust Solutions AG is a Swiss blockchain solution provider with a large network of partners. We provide an exclusive crisis-resilient infrastructure core situated in the heart of the swiss alps. We enable and provide the following:

  • datastorage
  • mission critical datahandling and datatransfer
  • permanent access to the hydroelectric powerplant
  • direct access to an independent high priority data-network owned by the second biggest swiss energyprovider
  • value storage for physical and digital assets

Based on these features we can provide BLUchain:

BLUchain is the Swiss business to business Blockchain infrastructure that is connected through the high priority and independent datanetwork BLUnet. The bootnodes of BLUchain are hosted in BLUsafe, the high-security data-centre deep inside high-tech caverns of a 1.52 MW hydroelectric powerstation. Our team has an impressive trackrecord in the Blockchainspace and is connected to experts in the blockchainspace all over the world.

The Blockchain Trust Solutions team has an impressive track record in the blockchain industry in Switzerland, Germany, Lichtenstein, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Senegal and Romania.